Xfinity XB6 vs XB7 modem: Which One Is The Best? 

Xfinity XB6 vs. XB7 modem. Have you ever wondered if you must use the equipment provided by your internet provider (ISP)?

There are many options for modems- in fact, we think of the XB7 modem as a step up from the XB6 modem. It’s the next generation of modems, and while they cost more, it’s for a reason. 

Most people use the equipment provided by their provider and don’t consider other options. This is especially true when people compare the XB6 to the XB7 modems that Xfinity offers- is this choice a false dichotomy? We want to compare these and then show you the other options.

An XB7 modem is a great option if you have an XB6 modem but need a little more speed. It’s not really a replacement, though, because the two devices can’t be used at the same time. You still have to choose between the two.

You have a choice—do you stick with your ISP-provided equipment or try something else? Let’s find out!

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Xfinity XB6 vs XB7 modem: Which One Is The Best? 

Is XB7 slower than XB6?

The unfortunate news is that according to a few anecdotal reports from Xfinity users here and here, the XB6 appears to outperform the newer XB7 modem. 

Comcast has rolled out the newest iteration of its set-top box, the XB6, which promises to improve upon the speed of its predecessor, the XB7 modem, but early results suggest otherwise.

The problem is that the XB7’s speed performance is inconsistent. Some people have reported that the XB6 is faster than the XB7 modem, while others have found that it’s just about the same.

How fast is the Xfinity XB7?

The XB7 modem has 1GBPS Ethernet with Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 2.4/5 GHz which means that operates with Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax. This means that theoretically it can handle 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. 

We tested the Xfinity XB7 modem on our gigabit network using two laptops and we measured the throughput to be around 1.25 GBPS at 10 meters between the laptops. The XB7 modem supports IPv6 which is becoming more widely used, so you can use it for your wireless routers or access points. The XB7 modem also supports QoS, which allows you to prioritize traffic on your network.

Something to note is that the XB7 modem is not backwards compatible with the previous XB6, so you can’t just pop it into your box and expect it to work. It’s a completely new modem so there is a slight setup that needs to occur, but you can get all of this information from Xfinity if you get stuck.

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Xfinity XB6 vs XB7 Modem Recap Video

What is the fastest Xfinity modem?

That is currently rated as the XB7 modem, however there are much faster WiFi routers that you can connect to your WiFi router with an Ethernet cable. You also have a few options if you want to improve your existing XB6 or XB7 WiFi networks with some better equipment. You can go for a dedicated WiFi access point, a WiFi extender or booster, or a WiFi mesh system.

Take a look at the below Amazon Affiliate tables and find the right solution for you. The general rule of thumb is that a WiFi booster is a cheaper option with less options, making it a good choice if you are not technically proficient.

[amalinkspro_table id=”4455″ new-window=”on” nofollow=”on” addtocart=”off” /]

The next category is mesh WiFi routers. These are advanced systems that are designed to be easy to install and insanely reliable.  These are an excellent choice for families and larger households that need better coverage and improved signal speeds around the house.

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Finally, there are access points. These are dedicated WiFi routers that provide you with high levels of customization and performance- often favored by gamers and power users that need high performance from their internet and WiFi in general. 

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Does Xfinity XB7 Modem have WiFi 6?

No it does not. 

However, you can easily add in a WiFi 6 router as the XB7 is still 802.11n compatible. This means that you can use a WiFi 6 router that you already have in your home and just swap out the old modem for the new one. 

If you are interested in finding a WiFi 6 router to connect to your XB7, check out the tables above for our top picks, and decide which option is right for you. There is an option to suit most budgets and needs, so be sure to check them out.

What Should You Choose?

If you are currently happy with your internet connection, then you have nothing to worry about, you don’t need to spend a cent on any upgrades.

The only time that you should think about upgrading your current Xfinity equipment is if you are not quite getting the performance that you need.

You can simply disable the WiFi on your existing Xfinity gateway and install a mesh or WiFi access point via an Ethernet cable to get the best out of your internet. 

If you already have an XB6 then you don’t need to splash out on a new XB7. You can easily upgrade your existing XB6 to the XB7’s WiFi by disabling it and installing a dedicated device, like we mentioned above.  

If you already have an XB7 then you definitely need to look into a WiFi access point or mesh system to improve your current network.  This will help to ensure that you have the best internet speed possible and will also help to ensure that your network is as reliable as it can be.

We hope that this has been helpful, and that you end up with the WiFi of your dreams!


Is XB7 slower than XB6?

According to many users, XB7 is significantly slower than XB6 being replaced, however its specifications are better.

What is the difference between the XB6 and XB7?

There is one difference between the two: the XB7 has a 2.5 Gbps port. The speedtest download numbers of users connecting that port to a similarly equipped PC are reported to be in the low 1100 Mb/s range. It is similar to the 940/945 Mb/s you will see on a gigabit port. There is a small gain in downloads with XB7.

Is the XB6 a modem or router?

Overview of XB6. A XB6 is a modem that consists of two gigabit Ethernet ports and is part of Xfinity's broadband technology line. Having Ethernet ports on your router is vital because wired internet connections are often used to ensure a steady connection to the internet.

Is XB7 a WiFi 6?

With the Xfinity XB7 gateway, you can add the modem for free to your existing gateway, so you can get most of the functionality of the EERO and keep your current gateway.

Is XB6 a WiFi 6?

According to my understanding, my Xfi Advanced Gateway (XB6) supports WiFi 6. I have verified that the driver on my computer also supports WiFi 6 - however, when I check my WiFi properties, it shows that I am on Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

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