Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights: What do my Virgin Media Hub Lights mean? (Super Hub Light Guide for VirginMedia)

The following descriptions are helpful if you have a Super Hub 4 and you are experiencing connection difficulties.

Virgin Media Super Hub 4 Lights

The Virgin Media Hub is a router offered as part of the company’s Gig1 broadband package. Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights can be tricky to get to grips with, so we thought that this would be a good time to show you what they all do.

The Hub is free to customers who have signed up for the Gig1 package, which offers incredibly fast speeds of 1Gbps, making it one of the fastest broadband internet connections available in the UK to home or business consumers.

The Virgin Media Hub is a capable router with features that easily handle most households’ internet requirements. It features four Ethernet ports, next-generation high-speed WiFi, and 11 antennas to ensure strong signal distribution throughout the home.

It also has automatic channel configuration, which ensures that wireless devices are automatically connected to the fastest WiFi frequency and channel. Additionally, the Hub offers intelligent WiFi features that allow you to equally distribute the WiFi in your home, offering a superior internet experience.

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There is currently only one Virgin Media Hub upgrade available to Gig1 customers, but Virgin Media has offered a limited number of existing customers the upgrade. The is also the new Hub 5 that was released in late 2021 for certain Virgin Media customers.

  • 4 Ethernet ports – With the Virgin Media Hub, you can use a wired connection between up to four devices or expand your wired network to a switch with a cable if you want.
  • Next-gen, high-speed WiFi – The Virgin Media Hub supports 802.11ac wireless technology, giving you and your family super-fast WiFi throughout the home.
  • 11 Antennas – The Hub was designed with signal distribution in mind. The 11 antennas built into this unit ensure that even the most faraway users in your house can access your Virgin Media Hub WiFi.
  • Automatic channel configuration – Wireless devices are automatically connected to the fastest Wi-Fi frequency and channel when you use the Virgin Media Hub.

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Smart WiFi at your fingertips – The Virgin Media Hub 4 allows you to equally distribute the Wi-Fi in your home by intelligently routing and sharing your internet connection between WiFi users. The Virgin Media Hub 4’s intelligent features offer a superior internet experience.

Virgin Media Hub 4
Virgin Media Hub 4

Virgin Media Lights

If you have a Virgin Media Hub, the following descriptions will come in handy if you are having trouble with your connection or just want to learn more about how it works when the lights are in specific colours. The four lights of your Hub will tell you exactly what is going on.

Got a different Hub model? No problem; check out our full article here detailing your hub and lights.

Solid White

When you first turn the Virgin Media Hub on, it will show a solid white light for around 60 seconds; it is also the white power light of your Virgin Media Hub.

Red Light

A red light means an issue with your connections even though the Hub is on. As you connect the power supply to the wall and the Hub, make sure it is tightly connected. You need to verify that the white coax cable from Virgin Media’s wall sockets is also tightly connected to the Hub.

Dim White Light

The Hub is on if you see a dimmed white light, which means that everything is okay and that it is usually working; there is no need to do anything or call support. A dim white light on your Virgin Media Hub is good.

Green Light

If this is happening to you, then your virgin Media router is on, which means a software update is being downloaded if the Hub flashes green slowly. Once the update has been downloaded and installed, the Hub will need to restart.

Blue Light

This means that the Hub is on. When you press the WPS button on the back of the Hub, the light ring will flash blue gently for 2 minutes. This is your VirginMedia router’s way of showing you that a connection is being attempted.

When the WPS connection is successful on your Virgin Media router, the light ring will stay blue for 20 seconds. If the light ring flashes rapidly, it indicates that the WPS connection was unsuccessful, and you should try again.

Flashing White

This means that the Virgin Media Hub is on. It is booting up and should be ready in 5 minutes.

Alternatives to Super Hub 4 routers

The Virgin Media Hub might not work for you, so you might need to install a stand-alone WiFi router. Virgin Media customers do this when their Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly. Here are some examples of a bad WiFi setup:

  • Slow and unresponsive internet
  • Poor WiFi connectivity that drops constantly
  • Lag and poor latency
  • Unusable internet when there are multiple devices connected
  • WiFi black spots and dead zones. (learn more about those here)

Installing a Replacement router

All you need to do is install an Ethernet cable connecting your Virgin Media hub to your new stand-alone Wi-Fi router. Next, you will need to put your Super Hub into Modem Mode.

Understanding Your Router Lights

Your hub has four lights, and the configuration they represent on your hub shows you exactly what is going on with your current network status. VirginMedia has deployed these hub units because they are easy to use. They are quite solid for the most part, aside from when there are issues.

Whatever the current state of your media router lights, or if there is a particular light you’d like to understand, you can rest assured that you will figure out what the problem is and get it working without needing to contact support.

A router’s light configuration is key to understanding what is going on with your Wi-Fi, internet, Ethernet, and power.

Activating modem mode on the Virgin Media Hub 4

Connect the Hub to your computer with an Ethernet cable before proceeding.

  • Put into the address bar of your web browser.
  • You can find the password at the bottom of the hub
  • Modem Mode can be found on the left of the screen
  • Make sure that the Enable Modem Mode option is selected
  • Click on Apply to save your changes

The Hub’s IP address changes from when in Modem Mode, so once you change to Modem Mode, you will need to use If you have issues connecting to your hub, then be sure to contact support and ask them if they can remotely assist.

Conclusion: Power and WiFi lights on your Virgin Media Hub

We know that having the internet interrupted is a problem for almost all of us at some point, so we wanted to make a reference for our many Virgin Media users out there.

Your Virgin Media hub lights are probably not something that you have given much thought to before, and we hope that this resource has helped in some way to get you more familiar with diagnosing and fixing your own hub issues.

If your hub is giving you too many problems, then a third-party WiFi router or mesh WiFi setup if you are still having issues with the built-in WiFi.

This is meant to be a singular source for a quick look at what could be wrong with your hub. If you still don’t come right with your internet after finding out about the specific lighting configuration on your router, then you can contact Virgin Media and have them look into it further.

If you want to learn more about what a replacement router should have in terms of features and functionality, read our Virgin Media replacement router article here.

FAQs about Virgin Hub 4 Lights

What do the lights mean on Virgin hub 4?

Each light on the Virgin Media Hub 4 has a different meaning. Each light has an icon or word next to it that tells you what it is there for.

Is Virgin Media Hub 4 any good?

If you have a small to medium-sized house, less than 5 people in the home, and no thick walls, the Virgin Media Hub 4 is excellent. The Hub 5 is a better choice if you need anything more powerful.

Why is my virgin Hub light orange?

There’s no official status of the orange light on Hub 4. If you see an orange glow, you probably have a Hub 3, not a Hub 4.

Why does my Virgin box have a red light?

This usually indicates an error connecting to the network. A Hub reset should fix this. Otherwise, you need to call Virgin Media.

What do green arrows mean on Virgin router?

In some cases, you can check if the router is connected to the CMTS by looking at the green arrow in the top right corner of the router. If it is not, then you need to contact Virgin Media who is your CMTS provider and ask them to reset the connection. If you are still having problems, you should call Virgin Media customer services and ask for help.

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