Virgin Media Flashing Green Light (And Variants)

We’ve all been there: there’s a Virgin Media Flashing Green Light on your router, and you have no internet.

It can be pretty frustrating when your internet goes down, and you are met with nothing more than a flashing green light. I know the frustration that this can cause and hours of sitting on the phone and searching the internet for a solution. 

If you are using a Virgin Media Hub 3, then the chances are good that you are seeing this flashing green light because of a connection timeout between you and Virgin Media’s fibre exchange. This means that there isn’t really much you can do from your end, other than just wait for it to come back online again.

The next time it happens be sure to contact Virgin while it is ongoing so that they can diagnose the current state of your connection. If you are experiencing other issues then be sure to read on and see what other issues you might be having due to a flashing green light. 

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Virgin Media Flashing Green Light (And Variants)

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Flashing Green WiFi

When the Hub is on, your WiFi should be as well, but if you are seeing a green power light that is flashing and your WiFi light is green then your WiFi is not working.

Check your network settings to see if your router needs to be reconfigured. A loose connection can be anywhere in the house and is not always caused by the heating or air-conditioning system.

Make sure the white cable is plugged firmly into the hub and at the Virgin Media socket on the wall.

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Flashing Green Box

Your WiFi light will flash green when your router is trying to find WPS security credentials. This means that your network is ready to accept a new WPS device. If you didn’t press the button, someone in the house might have activated it through your router’s admin page. Simply wait a few minutes, and it will time out on its own. 

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Flashing Green Internet Light

A flashing green Wi-Fi light usually means that your router has lost its connection to the Internet. You can check if it is connected to the Internet by pressing the “check service” on the Virgin Media website.

Virgin Media Hub 2
Virgin Media Hub 2

If you press the button, the service will check if the internet is working correctly and inform you about any errors. You can also make sure that the router is powered on by pressing the power button.

It will take a few seconds for the light to come on. If the light doesn’t come on, press the power button again and wait for it to turn on. You may also want to look for “known network faults” on Virgin Media’s website. If you still see a flashing green light on your router, you will need to contact Virgin Media.

Flashing Green Light Wifi

Virgin Media can be an unreliable provider, especially if you are using mobile broadband. It can be very frustrating when the light stays green even though you’re connected to the internet.

If you are still stuck with a flashing green router, then you might need to contact Virgin Media for a replacement, or better yet, you can look at buying one of our inexpensive recommended WiFi routers below. 

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There may be a problem with your WiFi signal or something wrong with your router. This could be the case, but if you continue to see a flashing green light after you’ve pressed the power button, it may be time to call Virgin Media.

Flashing Green Wifi Light

A flashing green light can be a severe problem for some people. You may think this is because your WiFi is dead, but this isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, it’s just a light that has been turned off accidentally.

If this is the case, the light should turn itself back on. If it doesn’t, then you should take action. You should first try to restart the router. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact Virgin Media customer services to fix the issue.

Virgin Media Hub 4
Virgin Media Hub 4

They can reset the modem and router settings, and they will check everything out. This is a common mistake on Virgin Media’s side. They forget to turn the light on, and you have no idea what’s happening.

Flashing Green Bar

Virgin Media is a broadband provider in the UK. It offers various packages with different speeds and prices. Some of the containers come with a light bar that is usually green. These lights indicate your packages, and you can change them whenever you like. The lights are located next to your router and are supposed to be on all the time.

If you see the light blinking, then it means something is wrong. The light should blink only when there are no problems with your connection. You might notice a flashing green base light that should remain green and solid until you have a problem. If it turns blue, you need to contact Virgin Media.

If you are experiencing a flashing green light with no internet, you need to contact Virgin Media. A flashing green light with no internet indicates a problem with the signal in your house.

You may want to check the cable and see if you can find any damaged parts. You may also want to check the outside wiring. If you are using the cable modem, you may need to turn it off and on again. It may be that the modem needs a reset.

There are several reasons why you might see a flashing green light. It may be that someone else in your home has an active signal. If that is the case, you can ask them to switch the signal to your network.

Flashing Green Light Arrows

A flashing green base light and the green WiFi light mean that Hub 3 is disconnected from network connections. 


We hope that you have found this helpful information and can now fix your issue. If not, then please contact Virgin Media on 150 from your Virgin Media landline or Virgin Mobile. Or 0345 454 1111* from any other phone. Their team is available Monday until Friday, 8am until 9pm and Saturday until Sunday, 8am until 6pm.

Good luck, and thanks for reading! 

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