Best Xfinity Mesh WiFi? (TP-Link Deco X20)

TP-Link makes amazing networking and internet-enabled devices, which is why we want to look at one of their latest WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi.

TP-Link has been a trusted provider for internet-enabled devices, which is why they introduced their latest WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi. 

Next-generation WiFi speeds up to six times the standard connections of previous routers with coverage that extends to 5800 sq ft of wireless connectivity.

This kit comes with three X20 Deco pods and accessories including a stand and wall plug extender kit, making it thin enough to be hidden on top of decorators’ shelves or bookcases!

The set contains parental controls too, giving parents more control over what pages their kids are visiting on the web. 

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Best Xfinity Mesh systems

Compatibility with Alexa means you can manage your TP-Link system from anywhere in your home without having to reach behind your furniture!

Why do I need a Mesh WiFi setup for my Xfinity internet connection?

Mesh WiFi is the latest in high-speed internet technology.

With older methods, when many people are using your internet connection you could see slow speeds throughout your home.

Mesh WiFi increases speed and volume for all your devices simultaneously.

The TP-Link Deco x20 is compatible with Xfinity internet services and will increase your speed for all devices.

If you get the 3-pack then you can cover up to 5,800 sq. ft of your home, while a 2 pack covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Mesh WiFi boosts a guest network capability to make sure pesky guests can’t access your personal information or devices.

You also can control their internet access and time limits.

Your children’s safety is a top priority for parents, so you should take advantage of features like these to keep them safe!

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What are other benefits to using a Mesh WiFi setup?

Having a mesh WiFi network gives you more control over how your devices connect to the internet.

If you play online games or stream Netflix on one device and use another for business, you can now reserve bandwidth for those specific activities.

The TP-Link Deco x20 is a prime example of how Mesh WiFi is changing for the better.

You can take advantage of parental controls, 6th gen WiFi speeds, and reliability that Mesh WiFi is known for.

If you’re looking to upgrade your internet connection without leaving Comcast Xfinity behind, then you should consider mesh WiFi options like the TP-Link Deco x20 as it is compatible with Xfinity and even comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Mesh WiFi in addition to Xfinity connection means no more waiting for the internet, slow connections, and allowing guest access when needed.

With parental controls, you can avoid having your child get distracted by social media or get into viewing something they shouldn’t!

Your kids will have a sense of freedom with the ability to use their devices without being monitored by you.

Your devices will have an easier time staying connected to the internet if they are using a mesh network instead of just having one access point to connect to!

You won’t have to worry about getting stuck behind your television ornaments, freeing up space for more important things.

Mesh WiFi is faster too. It’s capable of speeds up to 1.8 Gbps, vs 802.11n max of 450 Mbps for an access point, which is four times faster! You can download files quicker and stream music or video without buffering.

Mesh WiFi networks are not dependent on one single access point, but rather they create a system of devices that work together seamlessly.

The speeds you can expect are faster than connecting to the older 2.4 GHz WiFi band, which is also not ideal for streaming in HD!

  • 5GHz: 1200Mbps
  • 2.4GHz: 575Mbps

Are there any cons to having Mesh WiFi?

The coverage area of a mesh network depends on the number of nodes you have, so it will cost more if you want to cover a larger space.

You can expect higher speeds with this system, but the distance of the signals is somewhat limited.

Mesh WiFi gives you more control over where your devices connect to the internet and how much speed they can expect.

It’s very helpful if you’re looking for an alternative option to Comcast Xfinity, which also offers mesh WiFi setups like those from TP-Link.

However, Mesh WiFi is not compatible with all ISPs. Comcast is one of the providers that support mesh networks, all you need to do is put your XFi router into bridge mode.

Can I use Mesh WiFi for Gaming with Xfinity?

Mesh WiFi is great for gaming because it has a lot of features that traditional WiFi doesn’t have.

First off, Mesh provides you with a more stable connection and better speeds than what other mesh networks include.

With the TP-Link Deco x20, you’re able to enjoy lag-free video chats thanks to low latency connectivity, which means that the connection doesn’t delay or lose data as it receives and sends packets of information.

It even supports MU-MIMO technology, which means you can use multiple devices at once without having to worry about speed dropping.

With MU-MIMO, each connected device can receive its dedicated stream, so they aren’t sharing one.

Just make sure you have a decent internet connection before enjoying your games with this type of connectivity, otherwise, it won’t work great.

Mesh WiFi is better for multiple devices online at once, which makes it ideal for gaming because you’re always connected no matter where you are in the home.

Mesh WiFi offers Xfinity gamers a more reliable connection than traditional access points, so you can enjoy lag-free connections and faster speeds.

You can even take advantage of low latency that will give you a great video chat experience with your friends.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, then Mesh WiFi may be worth going for with your Comcast Xfinity connection.


Mesh WiFi is ideal for those who want more control over their home network.

If you’re looking for Xfinity alternatives or find that your internet connection at home isn’t fast enough, then Mesh WiFi may be the answer to your problems.

They are also good if you’re looking to upgrade from traditional routers but don’t need super high speeds like Fiber Optic.

Just make sure you understand the coverage area required for different devices, as Mesh WiFi isn’t ideal for everyone!

You should also have a decent internet connection before enjoying the benefits of this technology, otherwise, it won’t live up to your expectations.

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